Events, team building

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Team building

What was your team building event last year? I bet you did not have a day face to face with an Ex British Commando and a Hungarian SWAT Officer! We can show you how a Commando unit works as a team. We can offer techniques to induce the psychological state of fight or flight and then teach you to understand stress, and control yourself to achieve the task in hand. These special skills and mindsets will translate to your workplace and every day life.

Stag do and other events

If you are having a hen or stag-do party in Budapest or a private party, have you considered spending a day with an ex British commando and Hungarian SWAT team commander? You don’t have to learn from the Discovery Channel. You can spend the day or couple of hours with one on one training. You will find yourself learning how to clear rooms like a true commando while dressed in a black flight suit, balaclava and MP5 airsoft gun…

The “commando program” includes basic commando, CQB elements, practicing and executing differentsituation (e.g. hostage rescue etc.), playing different game scenarios etc.

Of course if you just want to play an exciting airsoft game we're ready for it!

The stag do event can be even more special with the stripper hostage rescue program...

If you rent all the necessary equipment we provide ammunition for free!

Airsoft CQB

We offer a wide range of CQB games, taken from experience in war zones and training courses from all over the world that we bring, through our experience to you right here in the Airsoft Arena. Come and see a new way of looking at your Airsoft game. We believe it truly is “The game you always played, the way you never played it before!”

Professional training

Are you in the Military or Police Force? You can have tailor made training for you or your team. With group sizes of up to 20 persons, we have two professional instructors on hand to help you achieve your goals. The training can be tailored to your individual requirements and to your groups skill set, in our purpose built force-on-force arena. Training can also be given to security professionals or airsoft players alike…