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"In Hungary there is no other facility of this kind or size for public or even governmental use. I have seen the need for a large, purpose built CQB training establishment like the ones used by Special Forces in the USA and the UK. So we have built a 3,000 square meters airsoft arena, for non-lethal force on force training. It is specifically designed to challenge even the most professional Commando. But most of all it is the only place of its type in Central and Eastern Europe.”

Lee Neville Tattersall

Ex British Commando

What is the Airsoft Arena?

The Airsoft Arena founded in the 1st May 2010 is an indoor facility for recreational use or training for professional operators from law enforcement/military or bodyguard associations and you too can use the arena today.

We have constructed this facility for public and governmental use. The airsoft arena is a purpose built training establishment like the ones in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The Arena is specially designed to challenge you by using audio visual techniques to increase the natural adrenalin and endorphins that the body release during game play. We will teach you the best way to control your senses and overcome the self induced fear. “This is the Commando experience”

Where are we?

The Airsoft Arena is in the 16th district of  Budapest,  in the Ikarus Park.  It can be easily accessed by car or public transport (red metro line, bus). There is ample parking facilities available on site to ensure your experience is hassle free.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is an activity used primarily for recreation (but Special forces use it too) where replica firearms use 6mm bb’s for gaming (similar to Paintball), or professional training purposes (Military Simulations and Police training exercises). The primary difference between airsoft firearms and BB air guns is that the former uses plastic bullets and have muzzle velocities of less than 450 feet per second (FPS) on average, which is generally considered safe when used in a controlled environment, while the latter utilises metal ammunition and shoots at higher velocities (up to, and over 1.000 FPS), making them unsuitable for gaming and training purposes.

With 100% true weight and dimensions the airsoft guns look like real steel but they can not chamber live ammunition, nor can they in any way be modified to accept live ammunition.


Lee Neville Tattersall the founder, and one of the instructors at the Arena has worked as a Royal Marines Commando and also the United Kingdom Parachute Regiment for over 13 years.